Randy Pease

Randy PeaseRandy Pease is an oddity in the musical world. An intelligent man who writes intelligent songs. Long before Randy came to record for Binky Records, his songs were being done by most of Binky's artists.

Pease began his musical career as an integral part of the Oklahoma "red dirt" music scene that would later spawn the likes of Jimmy Lafave, Tom Skinner, Bob Childers, and even mega-star Garth Brooks. Randy pursued both his songwriting and his education, eventually becoming a teacher. Music was solidly in the back seat when Randy's old friend Tom Skinner decided to record Pease's ode to a beloved guitar, Roasalie. With help from numerous friends, Randy decided to record a record of his own in late 1997.

Randy Pease finished his debut CD, Call Me Ishmael, in early 1998. The record was shopped to several labels and Binky Records licensed it for release. The CD quickly became a favorite of other musicians and eventually led to two more cover versions of his songs. Randy's version of his own Sawdust Trail gained a fair bit of audio play while Orpheus and the A Gig From Hell (all 12:16 of it!) became an educational epic. Two songs were featured on the Binky Records Sampler II.

In early 2003 Randy took time away from teaching to finish his second CD. Sometimes The Moon takes up where Call Me Ishmael left off. Rock critic Dave Marsh put it best when he said of Randy, "Imagine Loudon Wainwright III with a better reading list". Watch for Randy's killer live shows when he hits the road between semesters.

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